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Anthony Lake

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Anthony Municipal Lake


The Anthony Municipal Lake project was started in the Fall of 1934 and was a Government and City project.  The Government furnished $80,000 and the City of Anthony appropriated $24,000.  The Lake was completed in May of 1935, and filled to overflowing with the first rain shortly after its completion.  The project was known as the Spring Creek Reservoir and Waterworks Improvement.  It covers an area of approximately eight (8) square miles and its picturesque as well as a source of enjoyment and recreational pleasure to Anthony residents and also residents of surrounding neighboring towns and communities for young and old alike.  It has an array of facilities located just one (1) mile northwest of Anthony.  The 153-acre Lake features boating, fishing, camping, hiking, and fellowship and leased shoreline cabin sites.  Easily becoming a select weekend attraction for camping enthusiasts, the 416-acre tract provides a well-developed camper park.  For a variety of visitors, the lake offers picnic tables, playground equipment, a paved go-cart-track, sand volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, restrooms and showers, shelter houses, amphitheater/bandstand, and a concrete walking path.  There is also the popular Gun Club which supplies the sportsman with trap, skeet, pistol and rifle ranges and a Scout Retreat.  Also located at the lake is the Southern Kansas Bow Hunter Club Range and facilities.  Making the Scenic Park complete, a rolling nine-hole golf course overlooking the lake and dam.  The 9-hole, par 35 course, boasting 5,000 square feet greens, challenges golfers year around.


Anthony Lake Rules



Camping Fees:


Camping Regulations, Fees, Permits.

a)      Camping fees shall be as follows:

  1. Daily permit for Campsites A, B, C, & D - $15.00 per day
  2. In the unimproved areas – Daily permit $5.00 per day


Campsite Stay:

a)      In Campsites A, B & D, all campers and camping units are limited to a stay of not more than 14 consecutive days in campgrounds.

b)       In Campsite C, all campers and camping units are limited to a stay of not more than 28 consecutive days, unless otherwise established by posted notice or as otherwise authorized by the City.

c)       At the end of that time, the person and all property must vacate the City campgrounds for a minimum of 5 days.  Camping sites may be reserved at the City office except for Holiday.


Stage Use:


  1. Stage use – A permit from the City of Anthony will be required for any activity on the stage at the Lake.

a)      Permit shall be displayed in provided area during all activities.

  1. NO campers or camping related hookups around stage area except in the closest designated camping area.


Shelter House:

  1. NO camping or camper hookups around shelter house area are permitted except in the closest designated camping area.


Rules and Regulations for Fishing:


Fishing Regulations, License, Fees:

a)      License: every person fishing in or on water of the Anthony Municipal Lake with the exception of persons under the age of sixteen (16) years shall have in his or her possession, a valid fishing license issued to such person by the State of Kansas.  A City of Anthony lake license not required.

b)      Regulations shall be those of K.S.A. Chapter 32 and amendments thereto and the currently effective regulations of the Kansas Forestry, Fish and Game Commission, with the following exceptions

  1. No trout lines, set lines, float, bank or limb lines shall be permitted.
  2. Creel and size limits.

a)      blue or channel Catfish – no size limit, collective total – ten (10) per day.

b)      Flathead Catfish – no size limit collective total – five (5) per day.

c)       Striped Bass or hybrid thereof – no size limit, collective total – two (2) per day.

d)      Large-mouth or Black Bass – minimum length 15 inches, collective total – five (5) per day.

e)      No more than three (3) days collective total shall be permitted to be in the possession of any person.

f)       All fish under minimum length must immediately be returned to the water from which taken and released unharmed.  All other species not specifically mentioned shall be State regulations on length and limit.

g)      Fishing is not to be permitted within 15 feet of a boat ramp.


Taking of Fish by Bow and Arrow, Regulations:

a)      It shall be lawful to take non-sport fish during the open fishing season with a bow and arrow in Anthony Municipal Lake except those waters or portions of those waters posted closed to bow and arrow fishing and all areas within a distance of fifty yards of an occupied boat deck, occupied swimming area or occupied picnic area.  Legal equipment shall be a bow and arrow; arrows shall have a barbed head with a line attached from bow to arrow.

b)      All persons bow fishing shall follow the State regulations for bow fishing in the State of Kansas.


Fishing; wanton waste.  Fish taken shall be retained in possession until dressed, transported to a person’s domicile, place of commercial preservation, or returned to the waters from which taken, except those fish taken by bow and arrow shall be removed from the premises.  Regulations for disposal of dead fish or fish waste should be followed as stipulated and/or posted by the City of Anthony.


Boating Regulations and Fees:


Fees – Gas Powered boats and Electric Powered Boats, Permits:

a)      All boats using the water of the Anthony Municipal Lake and requiring a license and/or permit from the State of Kansas, or other States of the U.S.A. shall have said license and/or permit and any identifying number and/or letters affixed or attached as required by the issuing jurisdiction prior to application for a permit from the City of Anthony, Kansas:

b)      All “boats” requiring a “city” permit shall have the same affixed or attached in such numbers or letters as the City may determine on the right front side of the boat as far above the water line as may be reasonable or as designated by the issuing official; City of Anthony permit required for recreational boating only.

c)       Fees – Recreational Boating Permit

  1. Annual Permit - $45.00 per calendar year
  2. Daily Permit - $12.00 per day

d)      Boat Regulations:  The regulations for operating a boat on or in the water of the lake and the equipment required for such operation shall be those set forth in K.S.A. Chapter 32 and amendments thereto with the following exceptions:

  1. The maximum speed during the hours of sunrise to sunset, shall be 35 MPH, unless otherwise posted.
  2. The maximum speed during the hours of sunset to sunrise shall be classed as a “no wake speed”.  Jet skis and wet bikes shall abide by all boating regulations.  Wake speed will be enforced lake wide when water level drops below 2 feet of full lake level.  Measurement will be made at boat ramp.