meet the commissioners

Anthony City Commission

Pictured Above: 2015-2017 Anthony City Commission

In order from Left to Right:

Jan Lanie, Jim Anderson, Mayor Greg Cleveland, Howard Hatfield, and Kenny Hodson Jr.



The City of Anthony is a city of the Second Class, with a Commission form of government.


The Anthony City Commission meets in regular session every first and third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. All City Commission meetings are held in the Commission Chambers, located at City Hall (124 S. Bluff Ave.), unless otherwise posted and properly notified.


The Anthony City Board of Commissioners consists of five members: one mayor and four commissioners, with three of its members being elected every two years. Unlike traditional Mayor-Council forms of government, Anthony's Commission form of government results in the Mayor being a voting member of the Board of Commissioners and is originally voted in as a Commissioner by the Public.The Mayor is selected through a vote of all five Commissioners every two years in April, following a City Commission Election and following the swearing in of the newly elected City Commissioners.


The City of Anthony has City Commission elections every odd-numbered year. Each election, there are three Commissioner positions open for election. The two candidates who receive the most votes by the voters are elected to four-year-terms, and the candidate that recieves the third-highest votes is elected to a two-year-term.






Mayor Greg Cleveland

Mayor  - Commissioner Janaury 2018 through Janaury 2022

Commissioner of Parks, Police, and Fire Department


Commissioner Jan Lanie

Commissioner of Finance - Janaury 2018 through Janauary 2022



Commissioner Howard Hatfield

Commissioner of Utilities Departments - January 2018 through Janaury 2020


Commissioner Nathan Stitt

Commissioner of Parks, Police, and Fire Department - Janaury 2015 through Janauary 2019


Commissioner Kenny Hodson, Jr.

Commissioner of Street and Airport Departments - Janaury 2015 through January 2019