City of Anthony Kansas

Downtown Revitilization

The program requires a designated downtown manager, which Donna Crowe with the City of Anthony, has been appointed by the City Commission. Architectural design guidelines have been developed for the downtown district, incorporating historic preservation. The design guidelines must be consistent with the Secretary of interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings. These guidelines have to be met if you use federal money. This project is to encourage building owners/renters to preserve their buildings, not discourage.


Guidelines For Revolving Loans:                                   

Minimum – No Minimum


Pay Back:       

Maximum - $15,000


Maximum of Five (5) years


Interest Rate: 



Down Payment:         

An Equity Payment of 20% will be required


Amount of loan cannot exceed 80% of project



Discretion of the Loan Committee


Method of Payment:  

Quarterly payments will be required with the                        option of monthly payments.


All Loans will come before the Downtown Revitalization Revolving Loan Committee for final approval or disapproval. Loan Committee: Ron Poor, Kerry Schroeder, Don Jensen, Donna Crowe, Amber Kummer.

For more information on the Downtown Revitalization Revolving Loans contact: Donna Crowe, Downtown Revitalization Manager, City of Anthony, 620-842-3134 (Anthony Police Department).