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Police Department

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The Anthony Police Department is comprised of Five (5) sworn officers who provide 24-hour law enforcement services for the Community of Anthony and one (1) Secretary.

Those officers are: Chief of Police Kenny Hodson, serving Anthony since 1980; Deputy Chief Matthew Schultz, serving Anthony since 2004; Sgt. Craig Hadsall, serving Anthony since 2012; Officers Aaron Christner, serving Anthony since 2016; Faith Sauer serving Anthony since 2017 and Secretary Donna Crowe, serving Anthony since 1996.


The Anthony Police Department Mission: We, the public appointed protectors of the citizens of the City of Anthony, Kansas define our mission as Police Officers of the Anthony Police Department. We pledge to enforce the laws of our nation within the boundaries of our prescribed authority, displaying at all times the honor, integrity, and impartiality for which our positions require. We will seek continuous and advanced training to ensure that we will always provide capable and professional law enforcement to all citizens, showing no discrimination. We will stand with courage to face all situations and offenders that threaten the rights, property, and life of our citizens as we have sworn our obligation. We, the Officers of the Anthony Police Department will pursue this mission for the safety of all officers and citizens.

Anthony Police Department Objective Statements: The following objectives have been established to accomplish the mission within the budgetary and manpower constraints imposed on the agency:


How to contact the Police Department:

Police Department Address: 202 S. Bluff
Office hours: 8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 620-842-3134 or 620-842-5123; for after hours call 842-5123, if there is not a police officer at the Police Department, 9-11 dispatch will answer this line.
Fax: 620-842-3863
Email: khodson@anthonykansas.org
Emergency: For all Emergencies dial 9-1-1.