City of Anthony Kansas

Anthony Theatre

After operating the Novelty Theatre in Anthony, KS for almost a year and a half,  Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Droz and Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Barron of Pratt erected the Anthony Theatre building.  With the completion of the Anthony Theatre, the city acquired one of the finest and most modern motion picture houses in the Midwest.  On November 23, 1936, the Anthony Theatre, under the ownership of the Droz’s and the Barron’s, held its grand opening with a throng attending.


In 1991, the Anthony Theatre was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  For several years the Anthony Theatre has sat empty, its Art Deco style façade discolored by time.  Its doors have been closed and the elegant red and white marquee, which once stood aglow with neon lighting as people lined up beneath it, now hangs dark; its neon tubes in need of repair and/or replacement.  Many have wished that it could be reopened to give our children someplace to go; to be used for Community Theatre, concerts, or film festivals.


The Harper County Preservation and Tourism Alliance (HCPTA) has made it a goal to restore the historic Anthony Theatre to its once proud and beautiful state.  This will only be made possible thru the generous donations of time and money from individuals, civic groups, business sponsors, and grants. 


The first goal of the HCPTA was to raise funds for the purchasing of the Anthony Theatre and adjacent lot from the previous owners in 2008.  As of December 2012, the accomplishments of the HCPTA include the renovation of the crumbling southwest wall, tuck pointing etc. of the south wall, replacing the two exit doors as well as the double stage doors, new guttering and down spouts, metal capping on the parapet walls, and replacing fallen stucco on the south side of the north façade.   This was made possible by a Heritage Trust Fund Grant, Harper Co. Community Foundation Grant, Heritage Tax Fund Credits, fund raising events, and generous donations.  As a result of these efforts, the committee started showing a film series starting in the fall of 2012 presented by various businesses and individuals.  Some of the future plans include fund raising for building improvements such as heating and air conditioning, new electrical system, opening the stage for live theatre, and construction of an addition to the west side of the theatre that would facilitate modern restrooms and concession area.


Your tax deductible donation can be given to Sunflower RC&D Area, Inc. and memoed to the Anthony Theatre Initiative.