The City of Anthony has provided electrical power to the City and rural areas for decades.  The City’s demand for electrical power has steadily grown and the City has expanded its generation and distribution systems to meet the increased demand.


Currently the City has interconnections with one utility company, Western Farmer’s, for the purchase of power.  Although there is an interconnection to West Plains Energy System, the City is only purchasing from Western Farmer’s Electric Company at this time.  Ties to other utilities have improved reliability and gives the City the ability to pick the most economical power source.


The City owns and operates its own power plant.  Power is generated using natural gas and diesel fuel in three engine-generators with a nameplate capacity of 11,000 KW and firm capacity of 7,800 KW. 


The City has two feeders, Anthony #1 and Anthony #2, that transmit power to the downtown substation and City distribution.  The two 12.47 KV tie lines supply all power to the City.  East Rural and West Rural are out of the Power Plant.

The City’s distribution system has approximately 300 miles of rural line that transmits power to approximately 400 rural customers.  All rural distribution lines transmit power at 12.47 KV.


The City distributes power to approximately 1,580 customers inside the City limits. Power to the City is furnished with 12.47 KV voltages.  The City has converted the system to 12.47 KV to take advantage of lower losses and voltage drop.


In 1998 the City of Anthony did a $3 million electrical upgrade.  The upgrade included: replacing Power Plant switchgear; construction a voltage regulator station for downtown substation; new construction to all our feeders and to City and Rural; rebuild residential lines in Anthony; sizing and replacing west rural reclosers; converting voltage to 12.47 KV; installing 10,000 KVA with 14,000 KVA fan rating transformer; and sizing of transformers; installing 10,000KVA fan rating transformer; and sizing of transformers.